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Even if the tie bets pay you 8 to 1, you should avoid tie bets. The house edge of 32.77% is based on 86,320 hand combinations. In this article, we will explain how to play the game and give you some tips on how to win. We have also listed the best online casinos in India where you can play Live Dragon Tiger for real money. Made for Baccarat enthusiasts, Dragon Tiger is a game where you aim to predict who has the higher card – Dragon or Tiger. Just like in other casino game, you’re not playing against the dealer or other players.

The reason is that regardless of your choice of bet, you lose whenever a seven is drawn. The Big Small bet is another possible side bet for players. In this side bet the players choose whether a particular card will be over or under 7. If the card is exactly equal to 7 then the wager loses. Although very little information seems to be available about the origins of Dragon Tiger, it was almost certainly created in Cambodia. The game is uncommon in land based casinos outside of Cambodia, however its simplicity and easy scalability makes it a popular game in the live format.

Dragon tiger is played with a normal deck of cards and usually this game uses between 6 and 8 decks. Basically, players will need to pick which one will likely receive the card with the highest value. Only one card will be dealt to the Dragon space and to the Tiger. You can play Dragon Tiger for money at land-based casinos as well as online casinos. In speaking of the later there is no lack of options for playing the game online, as most online casinos will have it in their game library. Online you can play the simple game in a wide variety of stakes, so you can find a game there that is suited to your bankroll.

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Even if you find an online casino with Evolution games, make sure that Dragon Tiger is part of the package. It shouldn’t be hard to pick a good live casino site, since all the best online casinos cooperate with Evolution. Bankroll management is critical when it comes to playing with real money. As much as winning can be a considerable incentive, players are also advised to gamble responsibly. Players are encouraged to bet with only what they can lose, set limits, avoid chasing losses, and focus more on the fun part of the game; not just money. The simple nature of Dragon Tiger makes it attractive for real money players.

W88 is a top gaming operator in India that offers the best sportsbook, live casinos, poker, and slots in the online world. It also provides the latest sports news and useful tips and tricks to make your betting game a notch up higher. Here is the most significant of the Dragon Tiger advice to remember. Endeavor to stick to either the dragon bet or tiger bet. For both bets, the house edge is 3.73%, which is the lowest among all possible bets. Simply bet on any of the two that you feel will have the higher ranking card.

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