Jim Donovan

Musician & Inspirational Trainer

Jim Donovan is a musician, educator and inspirational trainer whose mission is to empower, inspire and connect people. In his work, Jim offers effective programs (including RhythmTeam and BrainHack) that focus on using music as a vehicle to teach personal wellness, teambuilding and strengthening of community. He specializes in making the benefits of group music accessible to anyone, regardless of ability.

Jim was a founding member of the 90s band Rusted Root , who have sold over 3 million records to date. He has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien and the band’s music has been featured in major motion pictures including Ice Age, Twister and Matilda , as well as on network TV shows like American Idol. He has shared the stage with rock legends including Carlos Santana, The Grateful Dead, members of Led Zeppelin, Sting, Dave Matthews Band and The Allman Brothers.

Jim holds a BA in Music Performance from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters in Education Leadership from Saint Francis University where he is also on the faculty. At Saint Francis, he is involved in research on a program he developed called Percussion Intervention Training that teaches Occupational Therapists, medical professionals, parents and teachers how to use simple percussion techniques as a complementary intervention for children with autism and other disabilities. He has presented at a multitude of corporations and universities including Vangaurd, Weston Solutions, Del Monte, Johnson and Johnson, FED EX Ground University, Celgene Corporation, Adagio Healthcare, Alban Institute, Medrad, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Indiana University and many others.

Jim Donovan’s Programs:

BrainHack with Jim Donovan: Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to help your employees improve the quality of their work and their health at the same time? Enter Jim Donovan’s BrainHack. BrainHacks are effective, simple, scientifically proven techniques that are designed to help people improve the quality of their lives. BrainHack gives your team the skills that will help them adjust and positively manage: (1) stress and anxiety, (2) sleeplessness, (3) mental clarity and (4) their overall energy levels. Whether you are looking for an enjoyable way to help your employees effectively manage stress, a program that addresses your company’s wellness initiatives, or even staff training, Jim Donovan’s BrainHack will provide your team with an 100% interactive experience and valuable, effective lifelong skills.
RhythmTeam is for organizations, conferences and event planners searching for an energizing, surprising and “out-of-the-box” way to create synergistic connections among team members. RhythmTeam uses an expertly designed “in-the-moment” group musicmaking process that offers your team a physical way to feel and hear it’s own synergy by transforming them into a cohesive, focused and thumping band of RHYTHM. In essence, your team BECOMES the band!